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Frequently Asked Questions About SEO

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What does SEO stand for?

SEO simply means Search Engine Optimization, which targets building traffic on a specified website. SEO is a unique approach which various website owners use to rank their website higher in the Google search engine. The increase in customer traffic is vital to create business and more outreach.

What is keyword research?

Keywords are most important in the process of search engine optimization. Keyword researchers look for essential keywords that most consumers or website researchers look for.Adding specific keywords in the website content can increase the ranking of your website. Alternative keywords are also added in the text to make it user friendly.

What is robots.txt?

Robot.txt is a standard form used by a website to communicate with web robots or web crawlers. The web robots are restricted to a general area and look for security vulnerabilities throughout the website. Most robots do not entirely cooperate, and they can interfere with your entire website also.

What are SEO backlinks?

Backlinks are significant in search engine optimization as thy increase traffic on your webpage. Google adds backlines of your page more frequently if they are relevant to the search and voting of confidence. If any website is connected to your webpage, then they are backlinked to you and vice versa.

What is link building?

Link building is a proactive market practice that increases brand awareness significantly. In search engine optimization, link building has a crucial role as it increases traffic through inbound links. A healthy collection of inbound links pointing towards your website will significantly increase your website value.

What is domain authority?

Domain authority is like the relevance of your page with a specific domain or industry. A website needs to have a domain of applicability and gain insight into what sector they belong to.The PageRank on Google ranks pages as per industry and area they come under. This is significant in optimizing a webpage. The healthier traffic increase is substantial in increasing business.

What is on-page SEO?

As you may have guessed, on-page SEO is the optimization done on a single page. The Search Engine Optimization on a single webpage is more effective and beneficial in ranking a webpage higher.The optimization is performed through HTML as well as on external and internal backlinks. This practice is extensively used to get a better and more enhanced result. It increases relevant traffic on the webpage systematically.

Are SEO meta tags important?

Meta tags are crucial as they indicate the search engine for displaying website information to the visitor. We all click on a website after reading the meta title and meta description. It tells if a website has what we are looking for or not. It is crucial in building and maintaining healthy traffic on your website.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Paypal and Wire Transfer.And also we can now accepts cryptocurrency as a payment method,Our clients can now select BTC, LTC, ETH and other cryptocurrencies as a method of payment.

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