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Summer 2021 Outdoor Living Trends

Summer 2021 Outdoor Living Trends

Summer 2021 Outdoor Living Trends
  • May 10, 2021
  • Posted By : Geogx
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The inclusion of the backyard, balcony, deck patio and other outdoor arrears around the home is one thing that everyone needs to be thrilled about. Effective maximization of your home cannot be achieved without the inclusion of these features. So imagine coming home to a beautiful garden filled with lovely flowers, the smell of the flowers alone is enough to keep you glued to your garden. Or you aren’t a garden person, well you don’t have to bother, because you can convert your balcony to a beautiful sight, attractive enough to house your friends while you catch up on those beautiful memories. Imagine nature sitting pretty right there on your balcony, beautiful bunny, dog or a cat as a pet, and enough fresh air to go around for everybody. There are new beautiful outdoor living ideas, and trust me, no matter how small you think your space is, these ideas will help you create that magic you have always wanted in an outdoor living. I bet your neighbors, visitors or friends will be green with envy at the beautiful sight you are going to create with these new outdoor trends.

1. OUTDOOR KITCHEN: Picture yourself cooking a delicious meal, and the aroma spreads across the whole neighbourhood, but that's not all, a comfy chair that can accommodate 3 to 4 people comfortably while they eat and gist will be the perfect match for such an idea. Now you can have your kitchen outside and still have your meal outside while you watch the sky and smile to mother nature.

2. MULTIPURPOSE FURNITURE: What do you say to a furniture set that serves several purposes? You want to relax outside the house, it's there. You want to sit and have a virtual meeting, it's comfy. You want to sit and discuss with your friends who came over, it’s available, and when the night falls and all you want to do is watch the stars and swing back and forth, your furniture set is willing and ready. These are the type of furnitures that you need for a perfect outdoor living, and these are what you should put into considerations while selecting these furnitures.

3. OUTDOOR PLANTERS: “Fun and stylish planters are a great way to add depth and personality to your outdoor space,” says the team at Pulp Design Studios. And with a wide variety of looks and sizes to choose from, decorative planters can easily fit into every space and style. A little introduction of composting and self sustaining garden too will definitely go a very long way as to make your outdoor living worthwhile, interesting and eventful.

4. COVERING AND PROTECTION: For days that might be a little extra sunny or rainy, a flexible and mobile covering would be a very good choice. You can pull it down when you need to commune and smile at the stars, and you can pull it up when the sun comes on with some extra force.

5. OUTDOOR TECHNOLOGY: Introduction of technology and tech oriented activities could be an addition that will make your outdoor living as perfect and complete as it can be. Imagine a beautiful night on your multipurpose furniture, with a glass of wine in your hand, and a makeshift cinema across you. Activities like streaming movies and working from home have many people adding boosters to amplify Wi-Fi signals outdoors. Since most technology can be seamlessly integrated into outdoor living spaces, it’s safer to say outdoor living is technology certified. Your outdoor living could be complemented with accessories that would make you stay longer, such as heat lamps, fire pits, outdoor rugs, throw pillow, throw blanket, lightning and others. Putting your outdoors in a lively and communicative atmosphere will go a long way at creating a beautiful outdoor space for you. A space where you can ruminate over those ideas, meditate all by yourself and get things done at your own space. The advent of the covid19 pandemic has really opened up the need for outdoor living as a way to ease stress, loneliness and catch some fresh breath. So the next time you think of outdoor living let these guide your decision making, and watch your outdoor space become the envy of your friends and neighbours.

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